Our Mission

The Anti-Violence, Safety, and Accountability Project (ASAP) works to break the cycle of violence and address its harms by dismantling systemic racism, providing healing to the impacted, and generally offering the insights, platforms, and other tools of justice that communities need to transcend violence.

ASAP refuses to let what has been determine what will be. Instead, we cultivate social-emotional and societal awareness to help people envision a brighter future for themselves and their communities so that the marginalized and written-off can reclaim and realize their potential.

ACA 3 – Abolishing Involuntary Servitude

Slavery is not over in America. While we’re taught the Emancipation Proclamation ended forced labor, nothing could be further from the truth as the 13th Amendment and most state constitutions allow involuntary servitude to punish crime.

ASAP wrote ACA 3 to end this moral outrage in the Golden State and the Constitutional Amendment was introduced in early 2021 by Assemblymember Sydney Kamlager-Dove. ASAP is leading the coalition lobbying for ACA 3’s passage through the State Legislature and, if passed, will rally California voters to ratify the amendment via a state proposition.

10P Program

ASAP’s prison work use Samual Brown’s “Theory of Emotional Illiteracy-Based Criminality” to offer core transformation to California’s inmates by breaking down adverse childhood experiences and fostering a context for people to transcend their conditioning and realize their potential.

The 10P Program utilizes circles and Honor Yards to help inmates shift from an anti-social to a pro-social mindset through emotional literacy. 10P is available at the CDCR facilities in Sacramento and Lancaster and as a correspondence learning program (the BRAIN Project).

S.H.O.E. Box

The S.H.O.E. Box is a mobile venue for communities to hold the hard conversations and joyous celebrations needed to overcome challenges and unify around the common good, starting with economically disadvantaged communities in Sacramento.

The converted 20′ shipping container features a wall that folds down into a stage so that it can serve as both a modern town square for local leaders to advance community solutions and a venue for artists to share their expression. The S.H.O.E. Box will also create adjacent space for NGOs, local artisans, food trucks, and more.

S.H.O.E. Box is a joint initiative with Common Good Containers, a Benefit Corporation that creatively adapts shipping containers in service of advancing the common good.

Survivor Advocacy

ASAP provides emergency trauma engagement to people facing the aftermath of a deeply traumatizing violent event. Our services help survivors navigate the tragedy and complexity of their situations including helping to arrange funeral services, connecting victims and family members to grief counseling, managing press inquiries, and navigating the criminal justice system.

These challenges do not fade with time and neither does ASAP. We often continue our support for years, offering a listening ear, a shoulder to cry on, and space to grieve long after their story has faded from public view.

How to Participate

ASAP is seeking funding and other support for each of its programs. If you are interested in having an in-depth conversation about how you can participate, please contact Jamilia Land at jamilialand@gmail.com.